About Us

ResellerDude.com was started to help anyone that wants to make extra money selling stuff on eBay, Amazon, etc. Whether you are just looking to make a couple hundred dollars or quit your 9-5 job you will find the content on this site to be helpful.

There are a lot of best practices that you need to follow if you want to succeed at actually making money online.

A lot of people actually do it wrong and end up getting frustrated and quit.

How Did ResellerDude.com Get Started?

It all started when I had some junk laying around my house that I didn’t want. I heard about this thing called eBay back in 2002. So, I sold some of my junk online and saw that people actually paid real money for it.

Over the years I bought items in bulk and sold them online.  I came up with all kinds of ways to buy items and sell them.

Some of the ways I actually made money were pretty crazy, but it made money at the end of the day.

For years I actually took a break from eBay (which I regret).

I’ve made lots of mistakes but also discovered some really helpful things along the way.

In 2019 I formed ResellerDude.com where I can write about my experiences selling products online.

Are You A Real Person?

No, I’m not actually a human at all.

I’m a mystical squirrel that was sent to planet earth to teach people how to sell stuff online.

Siri has to type what I say. Except squirrels really don’t talk they squeak. Yes, there is an App on iPhone that translates squirrel squeaks; these humans are quite sophisticated.

I know I think I’ve said too much.


I mean squeak.

Who Owns ResellerDude.com?

To be honest with you some dude owns this site.

His name is unknown.

He’s just some dude that sells stuff online.

So his name is “Reseller Dude”.

His location is unknown, but it’s somewhere in the United States.

I do have over 15 years of experience selling stuff online.

The name of the actual owner is hidden because he wants to protect his accounts online where he makes thousands of dollars selling products online.

I Thought You Said You Were A Mystical Squirrel?

I lied.

Can You Contribute To This Site?

Sure, you can contribute by leaving comments on articles that have been published on this site. It’s a great way to help everyone learn about reselling.

Sorry, I don’t accept guest posts and write all my own content.

— Reseller Dude.