eBay Description Template Guide To Doing It Right

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eBay Description Template

So many people need an eBay description template.

You want to know why you need one?  It will help you sell more items on eBay and you will make more money, period.  There is a good chance that you are doing it wrong, making a couple of minor mistakes, losing sells, or people aren’t even finding your eBay listings.  If you’re completely new to listing on eBay I have written a guide to help you.  Check it out here.

It’s so important to understand eBay descriptions and I have written this guide to show you how to do it correctly.  I actually included it in my eBay tips article, but I want to elaborate on it much more in this article.  That’s right I am dedicating an entire article to writing an eBay description guide.  It’s that important!

Let’s face it eBay is competitive!  Some products or items you sell are going to be very competitive.  Meaning, you need to up your eBay description game.  So, I’m going to show you exactly how you should write your descriptions for your eBay listings.

I do want to make it perfectly clear this isn’t for your $10-20 items you are selling.  You want to make sure you write a quick description, but you don’t need to spend as much time with these.

Use this template for your higher ticket items, “replenishables”, etc.  This will help your listings show up on Google and give you a competitive advantage over other eBay listings.


HTML code eBay
As you can see I created a simple description for a Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card listing. He was one of my favorite baseball players when I was growing up. I actually have a huge collection of his cards.

I have always known that eBay’s description editor isn’t the most user friendly.  Ok, I admit it I’m not a fan of eBay’s editor at all.  I can easily make the eBay listings description look better by using a simple WYSIWYG HTML editor.  I recommend that you use this one: https://html-online.com/editor/

Basically, the idea of using this editor is you don’t have to know anything about HTML code and you can actually get your descriptions to look really good.  Then you simply cut and paste the code over from the “Source” to the HTML spot in your eBay listing.  As you can see from the screenshot above the source code is on the right.  You are going to highlight all of that and cut and paste it over to the HTML spot in eBay.

eBay Title Within Description

I highly recommend that you use your title at the very beginning of your listing. Meaning, it should be the title.  Ideally, it should be centered and at the top.  It should be in an H2 tag.  An H2 tag is HTML and you really don’t need to understand what it is or any the code.  Not the H1 tag, though.  Just know that you need to make sure you take the same title that you are using in your title and cut and paste it into your description.

List The Benefits

Next, you want to list the benefits of the product you are selling.  Not the features!  Again, you want to list the benefits.  For instance, let say we buy NutriBullet’s (which is a blender that I highly recommend).  I actually got one from a thrift store to resell but decided I wanted to keep this one for myself. But, anyways let say you get these from a wholesaler and you want to list the benefits like this:

  • Easy to clean.
  • Doesn’t slide off the counter.
  • Simple to use (only one button).
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Cups and lids are dishwasher safe.

I would highly recommend that you at least italicize some if not all the important features.  This will help the viewer see the most important things about your listing description, which are the benefits of whatever you are selling them.   Again, use the bulleted list because it’s so much easier to look at a list of benefits rather than read a paragraph.

Include Images Within eBay Listing

It’s a fact that so many people just browse through eBay and really don’t read a lot of content on eBay listings.  I have already written an article on the importance of good eBay photos.  They really just skim your eBay listings and make sure something isn’t broken, not missing parts, or there aren’t any poop stains on it.

So you want to put some pictures in your description.  For instance, if you are selling clothes you might want to include a sizing chart.  If you’re selling blenders some helpful recipes they could easily make with the blender.  Whatever, it is something “helpful” to whatever you are selling.  You really don’t need a ton of pictures maybe 2-3 of them.  You can even use a photo that you already have uploaded to your eBay listing.  For instance, you could include one of the pictures that have the measurements of the item.

Here is a good video that shows you how to embed pictures within the description of your eBay listing:

You can use the WYSIWYG HTML editor to find the code to insert the image URL and put the correct information in.  You can use PhotoBucket.com or ImageShack.com to upload your images.  They are sites that store images that you can display anywhere you want.  Then you just cut and paste the URL to your eBay listing.

PhotoBucket does allow you to upload 250 images for free.  I just recommend using the free plan, but there are paid options.  I believe that ImageShack.com is free for 30 days and then something like $18/year.

Use Keywords Throughout Your Listing

If you want your listings to be found on Google or increase the chances of people finding your listings on eBay whenever they are searching for your product you want to include keywords into your listing.

This is a kind of boring step and you don’t have to do this on every single thing you list on eBay.  In fact, I would only do this on high ticket items or items that are going to be replenishables.

I like to think of keywords for eBay listings like categories.  For instance, if we are selling blenders we might think of these categories:

  • Kitchen Appliances.
  • Fitness.
  • Recipes.
  • Smoothies.

Browse through eBay’s sub-categories and make sure the keywords that you look up would actually fit into those groups.

Then you can figure out what keywords you want to use.  You can go to Google Adwords (here is a good guide on Google Adwords, too) and look for keywords that people might search for whatever product you are selling.  Once you have a list of keywords you can put them in your eBay description.  For instance, you could put them in your features list and sprinkle them throughout your description.  Just make sure they make sense.

Helpful Information To Add

At the bottom, you want to add information that reassures the buyer to go ahead and make the purchase.  These are going to be cut and pasted into all of your listings on eBay.  I will show you an example of something you want to write down below:

Payments.  PayPal only.  I don’t accept money orders.  All orders need to be paid three days after purchasing the product.  If it’s not paid for after 3 days I will cancel the order.

This basically just tells people that you only do PayPal.  You don’t accept money orders, which are a hassle.  Also, they need to pay for the item after 3 days.  This just lets them know that you aren’t going to wait forever for them to go ahead and complete their purchase.  Most people seem to pay right after they make the purchase, though.

Shipping.  I ship my products 1-2 business days after the item is received.  I can combine shipping if you do purchase multiple products.

I do ship items internationally.

You basically just want to let people know that you ship their item out to them right after they purchase it.  A lot of eBay sellers will actually write I ship the item the same day after a payment is received.  Also, just letting them know that you will combine orders to save them on shipping is a good idea.  Lastly, if you want to ship internationally just let them know that you can do it.  eBay has a really good program to ship products internationally.

Returns.  I will refund your money once the item is returned to me.  The buyer will need to pay for the shipping back to me.  You can return an item after 30 days of purchasing it.

It’s good to tell people they get their money back once they return it.  This gives them the reassurance if they are not happy they can always return it. Also, I just let people know that they are required to pay the shipping back.  I don’t do free returns, which some sellers do.  Lastly, you are just letting them know that they can return it 30 days after buying the product.

Feedback.  Your feedback is very important to me.  I want to make sure you are happy with your item and have 100% positive feedback.  I’ve been selling on eBay for 2 years have sold $5,000 worth of items.  Please, if you do have any issues with your order send me a message on eBay prior to leaving any feedback.

Your goal in the feedback section is to reassure them that you have a 100% positive feedback.  Let them know your credentials.  Lastly, you want them to contact you if they have any issues with their product.

Inverted Pyramid For Web Writing

Keep in mind you want to use something called an inverted pyramid for web writing.  No, this isn’t some crap I just made up.  It’s actually a method of writing content online.  It’s so important that you use this eBay template for your descriptions.  Here is a graphic which shows what I am talking about:

Basically, you got a few seconds to “hook” your buyer on eBay.  This is why you need your benefits right under the title.  Then you want to give them the most essential information first, more information (condition of the item, flaws, etc.), and then the least important information last.  Well, it’s not really the least important information, but rather your payments, shipping, returns, and feedback.  It just reassures them that you’re an alright dude, can return stuff, etc.

So as you can see from the image down below I have my title, features, short description stating defects, condition, etc.  Then we have our information on payments, shipping, returns, and feedback.

Here is a screenshot I did just to show you how your eBay description should look:


eBay description image 1

eBay Description Image 2



Now, you know how to make your eBay descriptions 95% better than other people on eBay do it.  This will give you an upper hand when writing your eBay descriptions.  Again, you don’t want to do this on everyone one.  For items that you find at thrift stores, garage sales, etc. that are under $100 or so I would just put the features, a short paragraph or two about the item (list any flaws), and then the information about payments, shipping, returns, and feedback.

Let me know if you have any questions down below.

eBay Description Template

Alright, dude you made it to the end of one of my articles. Do you know why I used a screenshot of a Vintage Scherer 7″ Super 8MM 400 ft. Blue Film Reel With Canister Can in this article?

A)I still watch movies on reels.
B)The reels are used for photography, you idiot.
C)Reels are for fishing, everyone knows that.
D)No reason at all.

Actually, none of those is the real answer; I do have to admit I don’t even know what that reel is used for. But, did anyone catch that the “W” is not capitalized. You should always capitalize the first word for your title. But, anyways I got this reel out of a bag at Savers for $2.99. I sold it for $17.97. I also got 3-4 items out of that bag that I sold for $5-10 each. I always recommend you check bags of stuffed bundled together! There are some real gems in there! I actually have written an article on items that sell on eBay from thrift stores here.

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  1. I didn’t realize how important the eBay description really was.  

    I have just been writing a couple of sentences and saying that is enough.  I have been doing it wrong for months!

    I have tried many times to sell products on eBay, but I never knew how to formulate my title and description and because of this, it was difficult for me to sell products. After reading this article I learned many essential things about selling products on eBay.

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