eBay Photography & Pictures Tips

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eBay Photography & Photos

Your eBay photos and pictures need to be stellar otherwise your making a huge mistake.

It’s a fact that people judge an eBay listing by the images.  I promise that even if you’re experienced on eBay you’re going to learn something good in this article.  These eBay tips will help your product photography on eBay a lot.

In other words, don’t just quickly take some pictures and post them up on eBay. Put some thought into it and your eBay sales will thank you.

All to commonly people make the mistake of putting up crappy images for their eBay listings. Believe me, crappy eBay images can drastically hurt your eBay sales.

So, if you have some listings that haven’t sold in a while maybe you should go back and change out some of them with new images, edit them, or add to them.  It will help your listings and show activity that eBay’s algorithm favors.  This is just one of the eBay tips I have mentioned in a previous eBay tips article.

Take Good eBay Pictures

eBay Photos

Use 12 images per listing.  You are allowed 12 images for free and I highly recommend using every single one of them per listing.  eBay Motors does allow 24 images. The first one is going to be the one that is listed next to your listing whenever people search for it on eBay. I highly recommend that you make that first picture the best one.

Crop your images.  eBay does have a tool where you can crop your images within eBay (I will talk about it later).  Basically, you just want to make sure your images are big so that people can see them without squinting their eyes.

Focused. Make sure that the pictures you are taking are in focus. You don’t want them to be pixelated and out of focus. If the image is blurry do not use that one. Again, make sure all of your eBay photos are in focus.  You could have shaky hands when taking your pictures. A tripod can really help if you find that your photos are blurry.

eBay Photography LightboxLighting. This is very important for taking good eBay product pictures. Ask anyone that knows anything about photography and they will tell you that lighting is vital. Therefore you need to have good natural lighting. According to this article on Salehoo you can take your pictures outside with natural lighting. However, I found out that taking pictures outside isn’t always convenient. In fact, I don’t ever really take pictures outside.

I use a lightbox to take all of my eBay pictures.

This will allow you to control the lighting so that your images actually look like a real photographer actually took them.

A lightbox can also be called a photo tent. But, regardless of what you call it you want to make sure it’s big enough to take pictures of whatever you are taking pictures of. Therefore, I highly recommend you get a big lightbox.

Trust me, a lightbox is one of the best investments you can ever make for your eBay business.  Click here to get a lightbox.

Solid or neutral background. I highly recommend that you use a solid color for your eBay photography listings. The goal is to make the images look good so people will not just think it some crap laying around the house. I’ve actually seen eBay photos that someone has taken with a dirty toilet in the background, dirty piles of laundry, a TV in the background, a dead body (not really), etc.

Preferably you want your background to be white. However, if you are taking a picture of something that is white or a light color you want the background to be black.

Multiple Angles. You want to show the product from multiple angles. Show the defects. If you have serial numbers make sure you take pictures of those, too.

Best Camera For eBay Pictures

A lot of people think you need to run out and get a camera for your eBay pictures. This is NOT something I recommend you run out and do. Furthermore, a good digital SLR can run you a couple thousand dollars.

So, what camera do I recommend for your eBay pictures?

The iPhone.

You can even use an iPad to take pictures of your eBay items.

Also, you can use an Android smartphone.

The iPhone works great for pictures because the picture quality is good. You should be fine with the iPhone 6 or later. I actually used the iPhone 6s to take all my pictures for years. However, just recently I upgraded to the iPhone 11. Again, the iPhone is great but according to this community forum post on eBay, it does look like some people aren’t crazy about iPhone picture quality for close up photos.

The reason I like the iPhone and iPad for taking eBay pictures is that there is an eBay app that you can install on both of these devices. This app allows you to upload your pictures right to your eBay listing.

Best Camera For Close Up Pictures For eBay

Nikon Coolpix A300However, if you find that the iPhone isn’t quite doing it for you I do have a recommendation for you. The Nikon Coolpix A300 is a good quality camera for taking close-ups.  I really like Nikon’s cameras!  Don’t worry it’s not one of those cameras that is going to cost you more than $100 either.

I like it for the following reasons:

  • Works with Mac & Android
  • 2.7 LCD display.
  • 20.1 Megapixels.
  • Image Size 5151 X 3864.
  • Wi-Fi (for use for sharing pictures to your smartphone; use an application called SnapBridge).

You are going to have to buy an SD memory card, though. The internal memory is only 19 MB. But you can get an SD memory card for cheap on eBay.

What I really like about this camera is you don’t have to plug it into your computer or anything.  You can add them remotely which is a huge time saver.  Not to mention it’s 20 Megapixels and just an awesome camera for the money!

eBay Photo Size 2019

I sure hope I hammer home that you want to have quality images in your eBay listings.

There are some minimum requirements that your images need to have to be uploaded to eBay. Your photos can not be any bigger than 7 MB.

eBay supports these formats:

  • JPG (recommended)
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • BMP
  • GIF

When you upload pictures to eBay from your computer, smartphone, tablet, camera, etc. eBay will automatically resize them for you. The minimum size of your eBay images needs to be 500 X 500 pixels. I would recommend 1600 X 1600 MB photos though. This is considered to be medium quality. It should show the details of your product without taking forever to load.

Prohibited eBay Photos

  • eBay doesn’t allow you to put your companies logo within your image. So, you can’t put your company name, but you can put your eBay username.
  • eBay doesn’t allow after-effects prior to uploading your photos. This means you can’t use Photoshop filters and upload them.
  • Do not show products that are not included in the listing.
  • Photo boarders are not allowed.
  • Can only add watermarks, but they need to be less than 5% of the viewing area.
  • No placeholder images for adding pictures later.
  • No cropped images that cut out the most important part of the product.

You can view a full list of what is allowed and what isn’t allowed here.

How To Edit Your eBay Photos

You can make some small changes to your eBay images when you upload them. You simply click on the image that you want to edit.

You will see the following icons under each picture you want to edit:

edit eBay images

The first one is crop. I would suggest cropping your images so that they fill 3/4 of the viewing area. Don’t make the mistake of having your products tiny. You simply drag the image and click “save” when you are done cropping the image.

Next, you can rotate the image. For instance, if you uploaded the image and it was on its side you could rotate it the correct way.

Most importantly is the adjust brightness and contrast filter. I highly recommend you do this to at least the first picture you upload on eBay (but try to do it to all them). The top one is brightness and the lower one is contrast. When you click on it you will see two sliders show up.

eBay Before Image

As you can see this is the image before I brighten it and add some contrast:

after eBay image

Now you can see what the image looks like after I brighten it and added some contrast.

Next, you can use the sharper tool to make the image sharper.

Lastly, is the auto-adjust tool.  I typically use this tool first before using the brightness and contrast feature. This will automatically try to make the image look better. It’s very useful when your images are just too dark and you want to quickly click one button to help the image look better.


Alright, dude make sure you are taking good pictures for your eBay listings period.

So many people just quickly add up pictures and their eBay sells really suffer.  I promise that if you start putting more effort into your eBay pictures you will notice that you get more sales.

But, I want to hear from you.  Let me know if you have any questions or tips.  Please leave a comment down below.

eBay Photography & Photos

Alright, dude you made it to the end of one of my articles. Do you know why I used a General Lee Dukes of Hazard Car in this article?

A)It’s your favorite movie.
B)You own the car in real life and use it to go thrifting.
C)Your so proud of that picture.
D)No real reason you got to put something there dude.

Actually, none of those is the real answer; I do have to admit I am proud of that picture that I took. I got that car out of a bag and sold it for $19.84 5 minutes after creating an eBay listing for it. Also, I got several Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars in that bag. This General Lee car was made by Ertl and in great condition; I want it back!

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4 Responses

  1. Thanks a lot for writing this guide on taking pictures for your eBay listings.

    I actually was wondering how others were making their pictures look so much better than mine.  I guess I need to put some more time into my pictures.

    I wasn’t aware that you should use eBay to change the brightness or contrast of your photos.  However, I was thinking about getting Photoshop and editing my pictures there.  Do you think it’s a good idea to do that?

    • Hey!

      Believe me you’re not the only one that ever wondered how are people making their eBay pictures look good. It’s not as simple as just taking a picture from your cell phone and putting it online. You should have seen some of my pictures before I got good at taking them. A lot of people don’t realize that it does take some effort to take quality pictures. Personally, I find taking the pictures to be kind of fun.

      I wouldn’t waste your money on Photoshop. It’s a great program and everything, but the editor inside eBay is pretty good. If you really want you could get GIMP which is 100% free. Here is a link where you can get it: https://www.gimp.org/

      But, I would highly recommend you put some time into taking your pictures for eBay. It will really help boost your eBay sales.

  2. It has been more than 5 years since I sold things on eBay and I just learned of some things I either did not know before or had forgotten. I never realized that using a solid color as the background would help cut down on the distracting surrounding look and make the item stand out more. That sounds logical now that I think about it.

    Back when I did sell I used a Sony Cybershot Digital Camera. I no longer have that and was hoping that I could save money and use my iPhone instead. I am happy to read that you recommend this. I didn’t know that a watermark cannot be more than 5% of the viewing area. 

    One question, what is the triangle and wand-looking icons in the edit area used for?

    • Hey!

      What kind of background you have behind your photos is very important! I can’t stress the importance of taking quality pictures and making your items look as good as possible.

      The triangle thing is the sharpen tool. I actually don’t use it ever.

      I always make sure my images are sharp when I upload them. I usually just-auto adjust the image and add more light and increase the contrast if I need to.

      iPhone phones work great. I use my iPhone 11 for them. But, also you can use a lower model like an iPhone 6 or 7.

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