Product Sourcing For eBay

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Product Sourcing For eBay

One of the best things about product sourcing for eBay is you can check the price on whatever item you are buying before you even sell it. You can do this before you even walk up to the register, buy it at a garage sale, purchase online, etc.

There is no guesswork about it.  There is no magic eight ball that gives you an answer on what to buy.

It’s not rocket science either. If you have at least an IQ in the double digits you can easily do it. Truth be told. I’m one fry short of a Happy Meal and I can do it with ease.

I’m going to show you just how easy it is to check the prices of a product before you buy them in this article.

You’re going to need a smartphone and the eBay app.  Also, you’re going to have to have an internet connection so that you check items before you pay for them.

eBay App

All you need is a smartphone. Personally, I use the iPhone (because its the best thing man ever created), but you can do it on Android devices, too.

To do this you’re going to need to go ahead and download the eBay app. You can search for it in the apps (for iPhone users) or the Google Play store. Don’t worry it’s 100% free.

Apple users go here:

Android users go here:

All you have to do is install the free eBay app and open it.

After you open the app you will see a search button on the bottom of the screen. This is where you can search for anything you want to look for on eBay.  You can see what is currently for sale and what has sold in the past.  Believe me, I am speaking from experience; I have sold items I knew nothing about.

Here is a good video I found on sourcing for eBay:

Thanks, Rockstar Flipper for an awesome video!

Where To Find Items To Sell On eBay

A lot of people get really caught up on places to look for items to sell on eBay. It’s really not hard. Keep in mind that higher-income cities have better items that you can sell on eBay. So, you want to make sure you are spending your time looking around for stuff in higher-income cities.

I like to use a site called It has some awesome data for cities that are located in the United States. For instance, I checked a surrounding city by my location (the city name I am not going to name), but anyways you are going to look for the average family median income.

As the screenshot down below shows the average income is $103,897. This is 50,000 higher than the average medium income in the United States which is $53,482. Therefore, I like to focus my efforts in that city to find high-quality items to resell.

Average Median Income

You can always Google “average income CITY NAME HERE”.

Thrift Stores

I love thrift stores and use them frequently.  Many people have staple “go-to” thrift stores which they use at least one time a week. Many people typically, visit 3 to 5 thrift stores a week to get items to resell on eBay.  I have bought items for $3-9 and flipped them for $100+ several times.  Keep in mind that you can go to big brand names like Savers, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and even little mom and pop thrift stores.

Please see this article on thrifting and reselling.

Garage Sales

Great deals can be found at garage sales during the summertime. I like to go to a bunch of garage sales at a time to stock up on items to resell on eBay.  You can get some really great deals at garage sales.  Typically, they are really cheap and you can sell products for $100’s.

These are just a few of the ways to find items to sell on eBay, though.  Now you know where to get products to sell on eBay. There are many more tactics for sourcing items, which I frequently use.

Checking eBay’s Completed Sales History

Yamaha RX-V371I am going to look up my Yamaha RX-V371 receiver. It’s a home audio receiver, just so you know. Hint, hint it’s a quality brand that I would highly recommend buying when you’re out at thrift stores, garage sales, or breaking into people’s houses (not really).

What I do is type in the model of the unit. For example, my model is the “Yamaha RX-V371”. Then hit “search” on your phone and it will show you every unit that is currently listed on eBay. You can see what people are asking for it. It’s between $100- $150. Remember to look at the shipping price. Keep in mind it’s all well and good what people are asking for the item?

You want to click on the filter button and slide the toggle over to “completed items” and “sold items”. Now you can see what people actually paid for the Yamaha RX-V371. The price you will see is in green. Green means sold.

eBay Past SoldAs you can see people paid between $70 and $130 for the Yamaha RX-V371. You can even see that the actual date that the items sold on eBay, too. Therefore, you can see how often people are buying it and how much they are actually paying. Pretty cool huh?

If you don’t see anything when the sold and completed toggle is activated than I wouldn’t buy the item. Why? Because you can’t sell an item on eBay that no one is buying.  Or at least there is a likelihood that no one will ever buy it.

So, if you saw this particular model out for $14.99 it might be worth buying. Keep in mind that you’re going to have to factor in shipping and final value fees into it. So, it’s really simple to figure. Your final value and transaction fee would be about 13% of what the item sells for. If you sold the item for $110 you would subtract 13% which is $14.30.

So, if you sold the item for $110 and your cost was $14.99 you would subtract $14.99 and $14.30. Then, you would have shipping cost which you would subtract, too. Roughly for this item, I am going to say it would be $25 to ship it. Don’t worry about understanding shipping right now. I have written a mile-long article on shipping that you can read here.

Therefore, $110 – $14.99 – $14.30 – $25.00 = $55.71. That’s right you would make $55.71 profit from this receiver if you found it out in the real world for $14.99.

Again, before you ever purchase anything from a thrift store, garage sale, etc. make sure that you look it up and see what it actually sales for.

Always make sure you actually plug in the item at the thrift store.  Make sure it works and everything.  A lot of newbies actually leave this very important step out.  

Scanning Barcodes For eBay

I love stuff that is new and sealed because it sells for more money on eBay!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better it does. Meaning, if you wanted to “source” something with a barcode on it you can easily do it.

Again, just go to search on your eBay app.  Click on the camera button within the search button. Then a red line will show up on your screen. You can then scan the barcode and it will show you all the listings on eBay that are listed.

Again, remember to use the filter in the top right to sort by “completed sales” and “sold”. Therefore, you can check what people are actually buying the item for.

Do keep in mind that it needs to be a barcode on the box and not a label that some store put on the item. Obviously, this will only work if there is a barcode on it.

Keep In Mind eBay Sell Velocity

I can’t stress this enough; you want stuff that sells quickly unless you want to hold onto it for a while.

Take note of how often the item you are looking up sells for. If it sells 20 times a day you are not going to be holding onto that product for very long. Meaning, it will be a quick flip.

However, if the item is selling once every couple of weeks you might be holding onto that product for longer. So keep that in mind before you pay for the item.

That’s it for sourcing for eBay items. Now you can use this information and source items that you already know will sell on eBay. You don’t have any excuse to make a purchase without knowing what an item will sell for on eBay.

Remember the mindset you should have when sourcing for eBay is how much can I make from this item. Also, how long will I be holding onto the item?  Always check the price and don’t buy something because you think it will sell.  Make sure you know it will sell.

Lastly, you can even post items on eBay using your smartphone which I will show you how to do later. That is one of the best things about the eBay app!

Do you have any questions about sourcing for eBay that I didn’t cover?

Leave a comment down below.

Product Sourcing For eBay

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A)I like cheese sticks.
B)It’s the first thing you ever shoplifted.
C)I used to have one when I was younger and bought one for myself.
D)Both B and C.

Actually, none of those is the real answer; I do like cheese sticks, though. But, the Proctor Silex Toaster Oven Broiler Meal Maker II was the first item I ever bought that made $100+ on. I bought it for $7.99. I sold it for $129.99.

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2 Responses

  1. The concept of buying and reselling items these days is so popular.  It’s something I would really like to get into this year.  The internet has made it so much easier to do now. 

    An app on a phone that has it all at your fingertips.  It doesn’t get easier than that. I absolutely love eBay, they have almost everything you could ever want now or from the past.  I really only buy stuff, but haven’t ever considered selling stuff on eBay.

    I didn’t realize that you could search on eBay at there past sales, so thank you for that tidbit.  

    I have a few questions for you:

    I was wondering what kind of money is there to be made from reselling on eBay. 

    How quickly are items likely to sell on eBay?

    Do you think you should completely avoid lower budget cities?  Is there no value going to thrift stores there?

    • Hey Coralie,

      Buying and selling stuff is very lucrative on eBay. You can literally do any niche or just any and everything that you want. I actually started out selling any and everything on eBay. However, as time went on I found out what I really liked to sell.

      The app really does help a lot. It’s a must for a reseller on eBay. I have used it a ton of times. There is no guesswork when selling on eBay. If I can’t make money off the item I don’t purchase it.

      But, to answer your questions:

      1. You can make all kinds of money on eBay. I would say for a part time person (16) hours a week you could easily make $250/week. But, obviously, the more you work the more money you can make out of it. Could even turn it into a real 9-5 job if you wanted.

      2. It depends on the item you are selling. When you check the sales history if you see the item selling 20 times a day it will almost sell instantly. However, if it’s selling once every other week you might have to wait longer. You do have to make sure you price it correctly, though. People over price stuff all the time on eBay. They are waiting for that big sale, but smaller sales more frequently is the way to go on eBay.

      3. No, I don’t think you should completely avoid lower budget cities. But, I wouldn’t focus most of my time in lower-end thrift stores. I actually bought a typewriter for $4 at a lower end income city and sold it for $140.

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